Alongside publishing beautiful books, we also offer a range of editorial services. We accept projects large and small, whether it’s editing a book, a brochure or it’s online content. We can polish copy like nobody’s business. Just get in touch.



developing your book idea

We believe that every book needs a clear and consistent voice. Getting it to the right market where it will succeed begins with the concept. We have years of experience working collaboratively with some of UK’s top book talent, and can help you hone your book's content.


publishing consultancy

Making a book requires a fair amount of collaboration, and various stages to make it all come together. It can be a daunting process and if you're stuck on where to begin we are here to guide you through the publishing process

project management, structural/copy-editing, proofreading, indexing

A good book, whether ebook or printed, takes top-notch project management: liaising with designers and typesetters, art direction, proofreading, printing. We understand the book-making process from start to finish and have impeccable organisational systems to make sure every project we work on is seamless, without any sweat or tears.

We are professional editors, and when polishing your copy you can trust that you're in expert hands. Because of our extensive background in non-fiction publishing, we know what aspects make a book stand out from the crowd and translate to sales.


price list

Contact us to discuss your project, and we can provide a quote. 

Each project, big or small, has its own quirks and as in life there is no hard or fast rule. When it comes to fees, we like to offer a flexible and tailored approach. We also want you to be sure that costs will stay fixed. We’ll agree prices based on what you're after, what your needs are and what your budget is. In order to give you a ballpark of some of the fees to expect, here are a few typical costs for an illustrated book (note all prices are in New Zealand dollars and estimates only). 

  • consultation meeting $50 (removed from final fee if project proceeds)

  • project management $1400 (at $70/hour)

  • copy-editing $1500

  • layouts $5000

  • proofreading $800

  • indexing $700

  • printing, hardback, printed and shipped from a Far East professional printing press, 300 copies $9,000