new book submissions

Our aim is to make beautiful, well-honed and edited, quality publications. We are dedicated to working collaboratively with our authors, designers, editors and printers.

 If you are interested in submitting a book proposal to us, use the contact us page and in brief let us know an outline of the idea, who would be involved, what is unique about it, and what other books you consider similar. Please note we are primarily interested in proposals for non-fiction titles such as lifestyle (food, wine/beer, gardening, crafts), sport and music.

getting a book deal elsewhere

We can tailor your book idea to a non-fiction publisher. There are two sides to this. We can help you sum up your idea in terms that we know will interest publishers, in a slick proposal document. And we can also help you put together a sample booklet of how you imagine the finished book would look. You are massively more likely to get a book deal with our insider knowledge and help.