self-publish with us

If you have a non-fiction book idea and you’re keen to make it into a reality – and you’re able to self-fund – then self-publishing is a clever way to go. Our role would be to support you in your venture and ensure you get value for money. We can take you from manuscript (or idea) to professionally designed book. You tell us what you want, and we work all the cogs in the background: editing and proofreading, organising and styling photo shoots, designing the page layouts, working with illustrators, indexing, and printing – or publishing online. We can advise on print numbers and how to sell your books, or we can just help you make sense of what it is you’re after. The cost will depend on how much input from us you want, and the production values. Contact us, and we can provide a quote with options to suit your needs. 

the life of a book

From the words on a page to a place on someone's bookshelf, there are various stages a book goes through to come into being. We can help with any and all of the stages, just take your pick.

  • book idea and development
  • project management
  • copy-edit
  • page and cover design
  • art direction and photo shoots
  • page layout
  • proofread
  • index
  • incorporating changes to layouts
  • final files sent to print
  • ebook conversion and quality assurance
  • print and delivery
  • distribution and marketing